Since 2016, ACE Pictures Entertainment is a digital media and film production investment company, focused on providing financing solutions to diverse film projects around the world.

ACE Pictures Entertainment is a registered producer and film distributor with the National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia (FINAS) and its core members are affiliated with Professional Film Workers Association of Malaysia (PROFIMA).

ACE Pictures Entertainment LLC, based in LA, California, was establish alongside ACE Pictures Entertainment Sdn Bhd in 2017. They are currently represented by Malcolm McNeil of Arent Fox as the corporate legal counsel and Shelley Surpin of Surpin, Mayersohn & Coghill as their projects legal counsel.


ACE Pictures Entertainment is committed to building mutually-rewarding partnerships with film production and digital media companies, independent producers, distributors and creative talents. Whether it is through financing, developing or producing, ACE Pictures Entertainment has a goal of pursuing unique film projects, which have a potential to succeed on the global stage. Also, a vital part of our strategy is to discover emerging filmmakers, through partnerships with different non-profit organizations.


Managing Director

Johnny is a highly accomplished individual with an impressive track record of success across diverse industries. As a Director at ACE since 2017, he has been instrumental in strategic planning and business development, driving exponential growth and profitability for the organisation. Leading cross-functional teams, Johnny excels in executing business development plans, forging strategic partnerships, and managing key accounts to enhance market share. With exceptional communication skills, he delivers impactful presentations to C-level executives and potential investors, influencing the organisation’s overall direction and success through well-informed decision-making. Diligently monitoring key performance indicators, he ensures targets are met and compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical practices is maintained.

In his prior role as Managing Director in the chemical and electronic industry from 2013 to 2017, Johnny demonstrated visionary leadership and strategic direction, navigating the company through expansion in a competitive market. His oversight extended to various business operations, including research and development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and supply chain management. Through adept alignment with industry trends and customer demands, Johnny’s strategic plans and optimization efforts led to significant revenue growth of 30% within the first year, coupled with a 20% reduction in production costs, contributing to increased profitability.

During his tenure as a General Manager in the automotive and electronic industries from 1997 to 2013, Johnny skillfully managed daily operations, optimizing production processes, and expanding market reach. Notable achievements include the successful implementation of lean manufacturing principles, leading to reduced production lead times by 15% and manufacturing costs by 30%. By optimizing the supply chain and enhancing inventory management, he achieved an impressive 20% reduction in overall operating costs.

Overall, Johnny’s exceptional leadership, business acumen, and dedication have contributed significantly to the success and growth of the companies he has served. His expertise spans diverse industries, showcasing a dynamic and accomplished professional capable of driving impactful change and achieving remarkable results.

Chief Executive Officer / Film Director & Producer

Peter Wong, a versatile creative powerhouse, holds a degree in multimedia design and sound engineering, fueling his lifelong passion for music. With over 15 years of experience in graphic and web design, Peter’s talent has garnered him international recognition and awards, all while composing music for prestigious networks like Discovery Channel and Crime Investigation Network, as well as for esteemed clients such as Tourism Malaysia.

In 2010, Peter embarked on a journey into filmmaking, leading to the debut of his first feature in 2016, which premiered at the esteemed International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival in 2019. His subsequent projects, including a series of corporate short films in 2021, have earned him accolades such as the World Media Festivals Grand Award and recognition at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.

Joining ACE Pictures in 2017 marked a pivotal moment in Peter’s career, from producing a slate of nine movies, to winning multiple awards including Sundance Grand Jury Prize in 2019 for “Clemency”. Working with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Cage and James Wan, he also received a PGA Mark from the Producers Guild of America in 2018 for his work on “Measure of Revenge,” starring  Melissa Leo and Bella Thorne. Today, as a seasoned producer, director, and visionary, Peter is dedicated to crafting compelling and commercially successful film projects.

His diverse skill set allows him to engage in all facets of production, with a specialization in post-production, particularly in sound, music, and editing. Beyond his professional endeavors, Peter finds solace in the world of art, showcasing his personal works at

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, Peter Wong continues to push the boundaries of creativity in the dynamic realm of film and multimedia production.

Chief Financial Officer

David John Long is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in operational management and business accounting processes, particularly within the Paint Coating and Oil & Gas industries. Born and raised in central London, he embodies the quintessential English Gentleman, with a deep-rooted understanding of the English Language.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Essex University and certifications in Controlling Operations ISO 9001/2 from Henley Management Academy, David brings a comprehensive knowledge base to his roles. Additionally, he holds accreditation in ITTT TESOL, reflecting his commitment to professional development.

David’s illustrious career includes notable positions such as Main Board Director, UK Regulatory Compliance Officer, and Chairman of the Audit Committee for AIM Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, including Graphene Nanochem Plc and Biofutures International Plc.

In his capacity as a Main Board Director, David actively contributes to strategic decision-making processes and ensures compliance with UK regulatory standards. His responsibilities extend to overseeing audit activities, engaging auditors, and safeguarding shareholder interests. He also serves as a Member of the Remuneration Committee, demonstrating his dedication to upholding best practices and governance standards.

With a rich employment history spanning various sectors, including finance, administration, and logistics, David has honed his skills in forensic accounting investigation, financial management, and operational leadership. His tenure with reputable companies like Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT), Perfect Images Limited, and Hampton Paint Co Limited underscores his versatility and adaptability across different industries.

Overall, David John Long is a dynamic professional with a track record of driving operational excellence, ensuring regulatory compliance, and delivering tangible results across diverse business environments. His commitment to continuous learning and meticulous attention to detail make him a valuable asset in any organizational setting.

Chief Operating Officer / Film Executive Producer

Emma Lee is a versatile business leader with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Deakin University in Australia. With a solid foundation in market research, particularly qualitative analysis, Emma’s career journey spans across continents and industries. Starting at Kantar TNS and later advancing to an associate director role at Kantar Millward Brown, Emma gained invaluable insights into global business consulting, collaborating with clients worldwide.

In 2015, Emma embraced a new challenge by transitioning to a production agency, where she discovered her passion for the creative industry, including both commercial ventures and filmmaking. This shift broadened her perspective, equipping her with a keen understanding of emerging market trends and opportunities. As one of the trailblazers at ACE Pictures, Emma played a pivotal role in establishing offices in Malaysia and the US, where she currently spearheads business affairs and oversees day-to-day operations.

At ACE Pictures Malaysia, Emma’s responsibilities extend to production accounting and line producing, showcasing her multifaceted expertise in both strategic decision-making and hands-on project management. With her exceptional analytical skills, organizational acumen, and a knack for innovation, Emma Lee continues to drive growth and success in the dynamic world of entertainment and business.

Chief Creative Officer

Hailing from Kazakhstan, Timur Bekbosunov enriches our team with a blend of artistic flair and business acumen. With a diverse skill set encompassing strategic planning, content creation, packaging, and producing, Timur specializes in driving creative development and fostering strong producer/investor relationships. His expertise extends to music supervision, where he collaborates closely with creative teams to elevate the soundtrack of the company’s film productions.

As an international entertainment consultant, Timur has advised a multitude of public and private entities across the globe, spanning Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and the United States. His professional journey includes serving as a marketing manager for a Russian start-up book publishing company and as a managing director of the Art of Opera Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Educated at esteemed institutions such as CalArts and USC, Timur boasts a rich background in the arts, with solo performances gracing major stages worldwide and contributions to numerous recordings and film soundtracks. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Timur channels his passion for creative development, market research, management, and distribution to drive impactful initiatives in the entertainment industry. With his extensive experience and unwavering dedication, Timur Bekbosunov continues to shape the landscape of entertainment in innovative and compelling ways.

Chief Technology Officer

Terry Chan is a distinguished technology executive with over 15 years of expertise in designing, developing, and implementing large-scale contact center and CRM solutions. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Chat Infinite Sdn Bhd, Terry has been pivotal in pioneering AI-driven chatbot and video call center solutions for high-profile clients such as Astro, PERKESO/SOCSO, and Resort World Genting. Under his leadership, the company has achieved groundbreaking advancements in customer service technologies, including the proprietary Video Call Center Solution (VIDPIO) and multiple successful chatbot integrations.

At Chat Infinite Sdn Bhd, Terry has excelled as the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. He has led the development and deployment of AI-driven chatbot and video call center solutions, working with major enterprises like Astro, PERKESO/SOCSO, and Resort World Genting. His efforts have driven significant technological advancements in customer service, particularly through the creation of the in-house Video Call Center Solution (VIDPIO).

Before founding Chat Infinite, Terry held several key positions at Lambda Technologies Sdn Bhd. As the Technical Sales Director, he managed the sales and deployment of contact center and CRM solutions for clients including MBSB Bank, Alliance Bank, Dominos, and Genting. His strategic vision and leadership helped Lambda Technologies achieve consistent annual sales targets and earn the Aspect Partner of the Year award in 2013. In his earlier roles as Senior Presales Manager and Presales Manager, Terry oversaw the company’s sales division and ensured the successful deployment of complex contact center systems for clients such as Telekom Malaysia, CIMB Bank, and Astro.

Terry’s career began at MSC, where he was the first employee and played a pivotal role as a Product Architect. He was instrumental in developing the company’s auction and online shopping engines, contributing to its rapid growth and expansion to over 100 staff members. He then moved to National Computer Systems (NCS) as a Presales Consultant, where he developed the Malaysian market for technologies from Singapore and managed key projects like constructing a data center for Lafarge Asia. At Bass Consulting, Terry served as a Business Solutions Consultant, implementing ININ Call Centers for BCB Bank and deploying helpdesk solutions for Prudential and Berjaya Insurance.

Terry possesses a robust technical skill set, including proficiency in AI Chatbots, Large Learning Models, AWS, GCP, Node.js, and WebRTC. His core competencies encompass sales presentations, business development, consulting, project management, technical architecture, and business process improvement.

Terry holds a BSc. (Hons) in Computing Science from Staffordshire University and diplomas in Business Information Technology from APIIT Kuala Lumpur.

Throughout his career, Terry has generated over RM30 million in sales revenue, deployed solutions for more than 30 customers, and implemented systems that support over 4,000 agents in Malaysia. His ability to articulate technical designs and architectures, coupled with his precise and accurate delivery of solutions, has earned him the trust and strong relationships with stakeholders, senior management, and executive C-levels.

Terry’s exceptional blend of technical prowess and business insight has established him as a trusted leader in the technology sector. His proven track record of delivering innovative solutions and achieving substantial business growth underscores his capacity to drive success and inspire excellence in every endeavor.



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