When ACE Pictures, a subsidiary of ACE Alliance Holdings Sdn Bhd, first embarked on the visionary journey of filmmaking two years ago it has always believed in the power of diversity and inclusion. This belief, along with passion and principles, has been the driving force in every decision-making process from start to finish. There is no doubt the company places a great deal of emphasis on gender and racial equality. And it truly walks the talk.

Out of the eight projects that the company has funded so far, women make up 55% of the prominent roles in the movies. The roles range from producer, director, leading actor, to writer. The long and winding road to equality is nowhere near ending but this proves ACE Pictures is on the right track.

The company looks forward to exploring multicultural and multiracial collaborations as part of its 2020 plans.


ACE Alliance Holdings Sdn Bhd is an investment holdings company and serves as the parent representative of the subsidiaries found under the ACE Group of Companies. Since 1992, ACE Alliance Holdings Sdn Bhd has built a reputation for pioneering innovative business models, opening up new markets and categories, and pursuing mutually beneficial collaborations with renowned multinational corporations.

Focused on the evaluation and investment strategies founded on the five market sustainability pillars of high growth enterprises, high-yielding capital market instruments, well-defined strategies, sophisticated financial modelling tools, and market innovations; ACE Alliance Holdings Sdn Bhd also places an emphasis on diversity, including racial and gender equality, especially through its film production and financing arm – ACE Pictures Entertainment.